Current Domestic Threats to US

In a world of uncertainty, chaos and violent disturbances pictured on TV sets across living rooms in any town USA. Threats of violence originated from …

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How Much Does a Private Investigator Cost?

How Much Is a Private Investigator? Many clients seeking these services do not understand the costs associated with hiring a private investigator. With that said, …

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A Matter of National Security and Navy Capt. Crozier

In recent news we have seen an out pour of support for Navy Capt. Brett Crozier in response to his plea for help aboard the …

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National Shutdown Needs Security

In a time of national distress, Americans are attempting to unite as one, to combat the panic surrounding the coronavirus; better known as (COVID-19). Stores …

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International Investigations

When we think of Private Investigations, we may think of only one Subject, or merely a person place or thing instead of a variety of …

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Growing Concern for Hemp and Marijuana Security

Over the last decade the legalization of Marijuana has thrived into a multi-billion dollar industry. Medical advancements and the positive impact it can make on …

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