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We partner with highly accredited private investigators and security experts worldwide in order to deliver a bespoke security and protection solution to fit our clients’ personal and professional requirements.


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Tailored security and protection solutions

Our comprehensive services and team of highly experienced private investigators allows us to act as the single source for all of your personal protection, private investigative and intelligence needs. We address the needs of our clients through professionalism, reliability, experience, and hard work. Our core values – integrity, reliability and accountability help us deliver an exceptional product that leaves a positive, lasting impression to all our private investigation and personal security clients nationwide.

We utilize the latest and most high-tech equipment available and provide detailed reports on each investigation we conduct. Contact us today and speak to a member of our highly experienced team to find out how we can help you get the job done with the results you expect.



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Mayhem Solutions Group is amazing. I called out of fear in a very serious situation. I had no money and their team has been amazing and flexible, caring first about me and my children’s safety. Mayhem Solutions Group held its promise and even educated me on things to do to keep me safe. Their team still checks up on me. I even had to call at the drop of a hat because I needed security and Mayhem Solutions Group was there in 15 minutes. Thank you for your amazing work and support!

I have worked for Mayhem Solutions Group in the past. Their leadership and business skills are next to none. If you are looking for professionals, then Mayhem Solutions Group can provide you the best!

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