Expert security and intelligence professionals with decades of experience

Our Background

Military grade security and intelligence

Mayhem Solutions Group sets the standard in the protective services, private investigation, risk management, and intelligence. We put the extensive experience of our network of former police officers and military personnel at your disposal.

Mayhem Solutions Group delivers world-class risk management by leveraging our global security division, composed of highly experienced investigators and former military intelligence personnel. We equip you with the same protective intelligence support previously reserved for operational field agents.

Our Services

Protective Services

No matter where, when or how severe the situation may be, MSG has the know-how and the global resources to maximize protection of all your assets.

Our affiliations

  • U.S. DHS
  • Alice Training Institute
  • OSAC
  • IFPO Member
  • ASIS Intl Member
  • USA PI Member
  • Infragard
  • Veteran & Prior L.E. Employed
  • Newsmax

Their leadership and business skills are next to none. If you are looking for professionals, then Mayhem Solutions Group can provide you the best!

Mayhem Solutions Group is amazing. I called out of fear in a very serious situation. I had no money and their team has been amazing and flexible, caring first about me and my children’s safety. Mayhem Solutions Group held its promise and even educated me on things to do to keep me safe. Their team still checks up on me. I even had to call at the drop of a hat because I needed security and Mayhem Solutions Group was there in 15 minutes. Thank you for your amazing work and support!