Our private investigation and personal security clients include corporations, insurance companies, government agencies, law firms, as well as individuals.  Our team of professional protection agents and private investigators are all former police officers or military personnel with an extensive knowledge in various types and disciplines of personal protection and investigations ranging from murder/homicide, robbery, drug trafficking, domestic violence, sexual assaults, internal investigations, many of which have led to successful prosecutions in federal and state courts.  We understand the importance of gathering detailed, accurate intelligence necessary for our clients to make informed decisions.  Mayhem Solutions Group leads the way in setting new standards and best-practices in the personal protection, private investigation and corporate intelligence industry.

We don’t simply place boots on the ground nearly anywhere and anytime. Mayhem Solutions Group incorporates actionable intelligence into every aspect of our service offerings. As a result, we deliver increased protection to our clients’ personnel, operations and assets. We call this combination of capable people and tailored information “Protective Intelligence.” Our intelligence services are overseen by our global intelligence group, comprised of highly-experienced and trained individuals with backgrounds in civilian and military intelligence, as well as traditional private security fields. Mayhem Solutions Group now offers you the same protective intelligence support previously reserved for operational field agents.

Because of Mayhem Solutions Group has the ability to deploy nearly anywhere and anytime, clients around the United States, Europe and worldwide rely on our asset protection services for major events planned in advance, or as the result of an unexpected disaster. We assist companies in a wide variety of unusually complex and stressful situations. Our protective intelligence provides our agents with vital and relevant information in real time, allowing them to prepare and react to changing situations more quickly and effectively. Whether an incident impacts a single location or multiple sites around the globe, we help our clients better protect their corporate assets and facilities by incorporating:

Investigative and Assessment Services
Deployment of Armed Agents
Equipment Coordination
Security Surveys
Advance Team Deployment
Escort Services
Agency Liaising

No matter where, when or how severe the situation may be, Mayhem Solutions Group has the know-how and the global resources to maximize protection of your all your assets.


Alice Training Institute
IFPO member
ASIS Intl member
USA PI member
Veteran and Prior LE Employed
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