Violence in the Workplace

Violence in the workplace has always been a sensitive topic to discuss. Workplace violence may be either direct, or indirect threats or action taken against workers. Violence can occur both in and out of the workplace. These occurrences may be things such as, verbal abuse, pranks, arguments, physical altercations, etc. are unprofessional for the work place. Millions of American workers are victim to workplace violence each year and violence in the workplace can occur anytime, anyplace. Nobody is immune to workplace violence and employers do not expect employees to face this alone.

The number one preventative measure is to report any occurrences that an employee may encounter.

Early Warning Signs:

  • Romantic preoccupation with no reciprocal interest
  • Comments of violence
  • Changes of behavior with deep lows
  • A sense of hopelessness or talk of self harm
  • Sensitivity to criticism

Key items to consider:

  • Analyze your workplace, and understand how the company had handled previous workplace violence incidents.
  • Figure out what systems were in place, and were they effective?
  • Are there gaps in the employers workplace violence policies, and if so, where?
  • Is the location secure for both day and night staff?

Most employers will attempt to establish a supportive environment. Commitment to a non-violent workplace and training employees to recognize the warning signs is paramount. It is recommended to create an action plan, share it with employees, and practice.

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