Mayhem Solutions Group offers Protection Services for Clients seeking either uniformed or plain clothes security details. Our uniform is approved by the department of public safety (DPS) and our security team receives the proper training to protect your assets.

Each of our security agents receive proper non-lethal and use of force training to conduct the duties required by the Client in the field as mandated by the state. Mayhem prides itself in hiring veterans, prior law enforcement and active duty law enforcement officers to assist with security throughout the nation.

Whether you need security services, or planning a future event, Mayhem Solutions Group will provide a thorough assessment of your situation and customize a service with the Client that best fits their needs.

Along with providing a single point of contact, only Mayhem Solutions Group has the capabilities to offer:
Whether you are a large corporation or a smaller business seeking security, we here at Mayhem Solutions Group pride ourselves in providing the most professional service the Client can be offered. We look forward to speaking with you and discussing your security needs. Our professionals will tailor each security requirement to fit your specific criteria. From events, to ongoing security requirements, we look to build professional relationships with Client’s.
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