Expert training for civilians, security professionals, law enforcement and military personnel.

The MSG Risk Management & Intelligence Training Academy delivers expert training and lectures in personal protection, crisis mitigation and de-escalation to civilians, security professionals, law enforcement and military personnel. Delivered by our team of highly experienced professionals, these courses are designed to help you master the skills and knowledge required to remain safe in potentially threatening situations or to further your career in the security industry.

In any potentially threatening situation, awareness and knowledge are key. Our lecture based and practical courses cover a huge range of technical and practical skills to ensure that you have the knowledge required to identify and remain safe in potentially threatening situations.

Our courses include (but are not limited to):

  • Tick Active Shooter Training
  • Tick Home Protection
  • Tick Teen & Youth Classes
  • Tick
    Firearms: including introduction to firearms, concealed carry (AZ) and armed security guard training
  • Tick De-Escalation Tactics
  • Tick Environmental Self Defense
  • Tick Disaster Response
  • Tick Medic Courses

As a domestic violence survivor, I have concerns about my safety and security. Steve not only helped me to think through my concerns, he also helped me to set up a plan “just in case”. I appreciate his kind understanding and help preparing for an urgent situation – it has meant many peaceful nights of sleep for me and my family.

Premier Training Program

The Premier Program is the most comprehensive training program offered by Mayhem Solutions Group. It is designed to give you an in-depth understanding of potential threats, and how to keep yourself and your family/friends/colleagues safe in any situation. Not only does it give you a thorough grounding in situational awareness and practical safety skills, it also covers firearms safety and includes guiding you through your concealed carry license.

Premiere Program sessions can be combined or broken down further to focus and concentrate on each individual skill. The Program is designed to be tailored to you and your specific needs – we will address your personal situation and concerns and can pivot easily should the need arise.

The Premiere Program begins at $20,000 for all services, materials and training for you and your family.

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