Tailored security solutions for businesses, individuals and Senators

It has never been more important for businesses, individuals and Senators to ensure that they have a robust security solution in place to protect themselves, their businesses, their personal assets and their team. Tailored security services from Mayhem Solutions Group provide the ultimate integrated security solution, comprising everything from executive protection and travel risk intelligence to high-threat terminations and workplace violence mitigation.

At Mayhem Solutions Group, we believe that the best protective assistance is an effective and seamless blend of facilitation and security. We consistently demonstrate that security services can be a comfortable and seamless element of the private or corporate environment. Our consulting services include full-scale risk assessments, threat assessments and protective program development.

Our services include

  • Tick Executive Protection
  • Tick Travel Risk Protection
  • Tick Threat, Risk & Vulnerability Assessment
  • Tick Protective Intelligence
  • Tick Workplace Violence, Mitigation and Planning
  • Tick High-threat Terminations
  • Tick Physical Security
  • Tick Counter Drone Surveillance
  • Tick Protective Program Development
  • Global Resources

    Our security services are available 24/7, regardless of your location. Our national reach is unmatched, with our extensive network ensuring coverage across the United States and overseas.

  • Protective Intelligence

    With round the clock access to threat monitoring, reporting, analysis and real-time alerting, our network will quickly adapt protection plans as situations change and develop.

  • Advanced Technology

    We are continually updating and adapting the services we offer to ensure that we utilize the very best in cutting-edge advanced technology.

We pride ourselves on providing high-quality, professional services to all clients.

If you’d like more information about our tailored security services, please click the button below, or alternatively, contact us.