Workplace Violence in the United States: Understanding the Risk

Within business, terminations are often a necessary but delicate matter. While some go smoothly, others may escalate into high-risk, volatile situations that could jeopardize the safety of both employees and employers. These are commonly referred to as high-threat terminations and are a growing concern across the United States, often closely associated with the alarming rise in workplace violence. 

Recent reports show that the United States saw a concerning rise in workplace violence incidents in 2023, with high-threat terminations and a rising number of layoffs being a significant contributing factor. The Bureau of Labor Statistics revealed that over 2 million workers in the US experienced workplace violence annually, encompassing a range of behaviors from verbal abuse to physical assault.    

Underlying tensions and conflicts in the workplace environment are often a key catalyst for incidents of workplace violence and high-threat terminations. Poor management practices, strained employee relationships and unresolved disputes can all create a volatile atmosphere, increasing the likelihood of confrontations during termination proceedings. 

Furthermore, the proliferation of firearms in the United States exacerbates the risks associated with high-threat terminations. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health published a study citing firearms as a key component in nearly 80% of workplace homicides. This further highlights the need for employers to implement robust security measures and threat assessment protocols to mitigate potential risks. 

Addressing the issue of high threat terminations and workplace violence requires a multifaceted approach. Employers must prioritize the establishment of a positive work culture that fosters open communication, conflict resolution, and mutual respect. Additionally, comprehensive training programs should be implemented to equip employees and management with the skills necessary to recognize warning signs and de-escalate volatile situations.

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