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Mayhem Solutions Group’s team of private security contractors in Fullerton, CA are one of the most trusted and resourceful in the industry. Investigators used by Mayhem Solutions Group are primarily retired Law Enforcement and Military professionals.

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The Leading Private Security Firm In Fullerton, California

Mayhem Solutions Group team includes doormen, bodyguards, and parking lot patrol officers ready to safeguard your person and/or or your commercial property! Contact us for affordable hourly services backed by our more than 15 years of combined experience.

Private security in Fullerton, CA often provides an excellent solution for businesses. When bad things happen or people make poor choices or have careless behaviors, you have a plan in place to respond. If property gets damaged or people experience injuries, whether from natural forces or destructive behaviors, your business is prepared. The right private security deters theft and mitigates danger. Not having security increases the risk for losses and violence. Plus, there may be insurance repercussions.

Private Security Services Fullerton, California

Businesses, residential communities, government facilities, construction zones, industrial plants and many other places in Fullerton hire private security companies. A private security company contract delivers competent security guards and keeps management hassles at a minimum. Hiring, training and managing your own guards requires time and expertise most facility managers don’t have. Quality private security allows you to concentrate on conducting your business while maintaining the right level of security.

We back up our Fullerton private security services with dedication to safety with a firm commitment to customer service. From your first phone call to Mayhem Solutions Group we will begin crafting a plan specially designed for your specific situation and needs. As one of the security companies in Fullerton that businesses trust, we know that needs vary. Protecting a large residential or business complex is different than providing security for a special public or private event, or for a high-profile person. We treat every situation individually.

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Private Security Fullerton: De Escalation Tactics

De-escalation is one of our guiding principles. When issues begin to arise, we always seek to calmly intervene long before any serious disruption occurs. In many situations, our savvy Fullerton security guards are able to defuse a situation so quietly that bystanders may not even notice that anything unusual occurred. Mayhem Solutions Group hires smart and effective escorts and guards and then supplements their knowledge and background with training in tactical response, communication, and conduct. Providing outstanding security services to Fullerton area business and individuals is a matter best handled with care and tact, and our people have the ability to work quietly and effectively.

Security Guarding Services In Fullerton, CA

Out of all of the security companies in Fullerton, Mayhem Solutions Group stands among the best. Their commitment to excellence, cutting edge protection equipment, wide array of services offered, and top-notch training makes them the perfect security guard company for the job. The security guards at Mayhem Solutions Group are extremely well-trained professionals who make all security professionals proud to call it their career. Security professionals that make a foolproof plan to protect your property, and who are on the job 24/7 making sure your assets are safe. Professional boots on the ground that guide their work through principle and expert training. With just under 3 decades of experience under their belt, no security service in the Fullerton area is better equipped to handle your security solutions.

Security Guards for Events – Corporate events are often important, high profile and have many valuable attendees, which is why we offer corporate security in Fullerton California. Our staff of highly trained security personnel is able to provide protection against any threats that can disrupt a corporate event or meeting. Along with our staff, we have all the resources to best contain and monitor hostile situations, including patrol cars, radio communication, and surveillance equipment.
 General Security Guard Service – Our experienced security guards are ready to respond to your requirements at anytime, and anywhere in the Fullerton area. Unexpected conditions may require the need for temporary or supplemental security Guards to deter or prevent criminal threats. Also, we offer ARMED protection for greater deterrence of any violent threats, or criminal activity. At your request, our temporary security Guard(s) may wear uniforms or plain clothes (To include CCW, Concealed Carry Weapon, Certified) We have 24/7 Operators always on duty to service your temporary security needs.

Why Hire a Local Fullerton, CA Private Security Firm?

Our security guard company has a variety of industries and businesses that we provide exceptional services to fit any possible security requirement. You will receive a licensed, experienced professional security guards when and where you need them. we have a presence in Galt and Fresno, and are ready to help at a moments notice.

Mayhem Solutions Group is a local, veteran-founded security company in Fullerton, CA, that you can trust to provide reliable protection in high threat environments. As tactical security officers, we’re fully capable of handling the most severe risks our clients face in today’s dangerous world. But what sets us apart from our competitors is that we’re not “robots” or militants — we focus on delivering our services with empathy, dignity, and professionalism. At Mayhem Solutions, we offer a wide assortment of high-quality security services in Fullerton to serve the needs of a broad range of clients. You can count on us for everything from fully licensed armed or unarmed security guards to vehicle patrol, residential and private security, risk management and consultancy and much more. We’re always ready to provide these services immediately — it takes us virtually no time to prepare to fulfill your most urgent security needs.

Resources are the tools that a security company in Fullerton will use to get the job done. These tools can include such things as equipment, databases, and human contacts or “sources.” Our Fullerton, CA security contractors understand which resources to use to solve problems and answer questions reducing time and effort, and saving the client money.

The Fullerton Private Security Firm You Can Trust

We’re experts at protecting all types of buildings and business properties in Fullerton, California. In addition to furnishing qualified security guards to patrol the grounds, we can supply access control systems, CCTV monitoring and visitor management services to fully protect the inside and outside of your establishment. Many of our clients come to us to provide security for their conferences and other special events that attract large crowds. We’ll provide you with specially trained security personnel who possess the skill and finesse required to maintain crowd control - but without having an intrusive presence. We also know how to prevent small disruptions from escalating into serious altercations. In many cases, we can keep a situation from arising in the first place. With our extensive knowledge of crowd control, we can work with you to determine the ideal number of security personnel based on factors such as the size and type of your event.

Security guards in Fullerton who remain at a particular post are a very important part of ensuring safety but, especially for larger properties and businesses, a courtesy patrol is also needed to ensure that the full length and breadth of the area in question is monitored. United Protective Services is proud to offer the outstanding services in this area. The highly effective men and women in our courtesy patrol team are experienced professionals who understand how to ensure the security of your property.

Your choice of the right security provider in Fullerton California is important. You want to work with professionals who are focused and committed to providing complete security for a building or event. At the same time, you don’t want overzealous personnel who, despite good intentions, might end up creating a less pleasant atmosphere for guests, residents, or workers.

How much do private security services cost in Fullerton, California?

Private security rates vary based on where a client is located, the difficulty of the security to be provided, and whether the client’s situation will require a team of security guards. Because we service Fullerton, CA, this puts us in a central urban hub for the greater Fullerton area and all of California.

What are courtesy patrols in Fullerton and do you offer them?

While courtesy patrol service is needed to secure the perimeter of large residential and business properties, it is not the whole story. Our Fullerton security guard teams know how to deploy numerous strategies that have proven highly effective in terms of protecting lives and property. From utilizing the latest in audio and video surveillance to securing the entrances to business and residential complexes, we offer a complete package of services designed to maximize safety for all kinds of properties.

While security guards are able to monitor stationary points, a courtesy patrol employs marked vehicles to secure a larger area and provide a range of protective measures, not only in terms of preventing crime but to help occupants with any issues that may arise. Here at Mayhem Solutions Group, our team boasts decades of experience creating security strategies that protect larger properties from a host of threats ranging from vandalism to theft and potential harm to life and limb from a range of sources. While both violent and property crime increased substantially between 2018 and 2022 in the state of California and remains a serious threat nationwide, we know how to make sure the areas we cover are safe and sound. We also offer Fullerton Private Investigation Services.

How do I hire a private security firm or a security guard service in Fullerton?

Mayhem Solutions Group provides advanced security solutions and professional guards for businesses across the state of Colorado. Serving the largest industries in California such as events, tourism, agriculture, technology, energy, manufacturing, military, aerospace and manufacturing, we provide clients with reliable solutions they can depend on.

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