Private Investigator Kettering, OH

Private Investigators Kettering, OH

Mayhem Solutions Group’s team of private investigators in Kettering, OH are one of the most trusted and resourceful in the industry. Investigators used by Mayhem Solutions Group are primarily retired Law Enforcement and Military professionals.

Mayhem Solutions Group is a private investigation firm in Kettering, Ohio and dedicated to supporting individuals and businesses with an affordable means to the information and investigation services they require. Everyday, advances in technology change how we communicate, socialize, travel and work. Investigation services and techniques are more dependent on technology now than ever before.

By integrating skill sets in photography, information technology and private investigation, we provide our clients specialized services resulting in high quality investigative solutions.

Professional Investigator in Kettering, Ohio

When you need to know the truth, look no further than our licensed, professional team of private investigators in Kettering. Throughout our years of dedicated experience, we have assisted individuals, businesses and legal teams with a wide variety of investigations, including:

We also provide experienced legal support for cases going to trial, such as location of persons, expert witness testimony, interviews and statements, false claim and qui tam investigations.

Surveillance Investigators Kettering, OH

Hidden camera surveillance – We can install and monitor any size camera installation at your place of business, whether you want to watch out for shoplifters at your store, keep track of supplies at a hospital, or monitor employees on the loading dock. We also offer nanny-cam service for families with small children in Kettering.

On-site surveillance – If you prefer, we can conduct personal surveillance at any location in Kettering, OH, whether directly on site or from a distance. This service is efficient with manufacturing venues or in cases of repeated vandalism, but can be used for practically any location.

Tracking surveillance – This is a service most popular in the trucking industry, with issues of fraudulent time logs or missing shipments. We can monitor any moving vehicle using only legal means.

Why Hire a Local Kettering, OH Private Investigator?

The ability to solve cases quickly and efficiently is one of the things that sets our Kettering private investigators apart from the competition. Having the best equipment, access to the most advanced databases, and being connected to a network of unique sources give us the advantage and allows us to do just that. We also have private investigators standing by in Kent and Lake, ready to help at a moments notice.

Where some investigators may choose to run out and conduct days and days of expensive surveillance and tailing, we would much rather do our homework first, and then perform surveillance only when the time is right. However, this takes skill, experience, and patience.

Resources are the tools that a private investigator in Kettering will use to get the job done. These tools can include such things as equipment, databases, and human contacts or “sources.” Our Kettering, OH PIs understand which resources to use to solve problems and answer questions reducing time and effort, and saving the client money.

Private Investigation: Sharing information with your Kettering private investigator

Investigator in KetteringOnce you have hired a Kettering Private Investigator, your entire relationship is based upon an exchange of information. This is by no means a one-way street. It’s absolutely vital that you share as much information about the subject of your investigation as possible with your investigator.

Withholding key bits of information very often has serious adverse effects on the investigation. Among other things, it unduly draws out the ‘discovery’ time for information you already know. If the investigator doesn’t ‘discover’ withheld information within the time frame you think they should have, it may cause you to doubt the investigator’s thoroughness or capabilities.

You owe it to yourself to provide your investigator with all the information thereby giving them the opportunity to effectively maximize their investigative efforts. Otherwise, you could be wasting your own money.

How much do private investigators cost in Kettering, Ohio?

Private investigator rates vary based on where a client is located, the difficulty of the investigation, and whether the client’s case will require a second private investigator. Because we service Kettering, OH, this puts us in a central urban hub for the greater Kettering area and all of Ohio.

Flat Fees: Flat rate fees typically have preset monetary values for services such as background checks, person locates, hidden asset searches, employment searches, criminal records search, database/Internet/social media research and photo or video documentation. The price range for these services in Kettering, OH may range from $375-$2500 or higher depending on depth of service requested by the client.

How do you become a private investigator in Kettering, Ohio?

In order to become a Private Investigator you must obtain a Private Investigators license for the state that you intend to conduct business in. Below are the requirements to become a Private Investigator in Kettering, Ohio.

  • Be 18 or older.
  • Undergo a criminal history background check through the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).
  • Have at least three years (2,000 hours each year, totaling 6,000 hours) of compensated experience in investigative work.

Experience must be certified by your employer and have been received while you were employed as a sworn law enforcement officer, military police officer, insurance adjuster, employee of a licensed PI or licensed repossessor, arson investigator for a public fire suppression agency, or an investigator for the public defender’s office. (Work as a process server, public records researcher, custodial attendant for a law enforcement agency, bailiff, agent who collects debts in writing or by telephone after the debtor has been located, or person who repossesses property after it has been located is not considered qualifying experience in Kettering, Ohio.)

Getting Started With a Kettering Private Investigator:

1. Request a Free Consultation:

Submit your case online or via phone to talk to one of our expert private investigators. Your detective will help you understand if and how a private investigator can achieve your desired outcome, and the likely cost of your case.

2. Connect With Your Private Investigator:

After a private investigator has taken your case, they will reach out to you to discuss your specific case details and goals. You should be prepared to answer questions.

3. Investigation in Progress:

Once approved by you, your private detective will begin the investigation. You will receive a services agreement outlining the work to be provided to you and a retainer will be provided to Mayhem.

4. Case Updates & Final Report:

Your private investigator will keep you informed of any and all important developments throughout the course of your investigation, and provide you with a final written report summarizing all findings at the conclusion of the investigation.

In addition, your private investigator may be available to testify in court if necessary and agreed upon at the beginning of the investigation.

Privacy and discretion is a top priority and therefore all communications between clients and investigators will be kept in strict confidence.

Along with providing a single point of contact, only Mayhem Solutions Group has the capabilities to offer peace of mind and professional excellence.

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Kettering Private Investigators

Local Investigators in Kettering, OH

Mayhem Solutions Group is able to service your needs locally, by having strategic partnerships with agents locally in Kettering, Ohio and internationally. Our network of Investigators are leading the industry in innovative ideas to solve real questions, provide real services, in real time.

We offer private investigations in the follow Kettering zip codes: 45409, 45419, 45420, 45429, 45432, 45439, 45440

Our Kettering, OH Investigation Service Area Map:

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