With over 30 years of experience, Mayhem Solutions Group provides tailored private investigation services to all types of clients.
Every private investigation handled by Mayhem Solutions Group is placed into the right hands within the agency. Our in-house personal detectives and investigators have a vast array of expertise for every type of private investigation thrown their way.
With contacts in over 160+ countries including the United States, Europe, and elsewhere around the globe, there is no stone left unturned when it comes to our expert private investigators and their reach. If our client’s require a personal detective in foreign location or international destination, we have you covered!
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  • image/svg+xml Activity Checks
  • image/svg+xml Alimony Cases
  • image/svg+xml Cheating
  • image/svg+xml Corporate Intel
  • image/svg+xml Domestic Violence
  • image/svg+xml Embezzlement
  • image/svg+xml FMLA Investigations
  • image/svg+xml Insurance Fraud
  • image/svg+xml Loss or Theft
  • image/svg+xml Personal Protection
  • image/svg+xml Slander Investigations
  • image/svg+xml Workers Compensation
  • image/svg+xml Adoptions
  • image/svg+xml Alimony Investigations
  • image/svg+xml Cohabitation
  • image/svg+xml Cyber Crimes
  • image/svg+xml Due Diligence
  • image/svg+xml Employee Investigations
  • image/svg+xml Hidden Assets
  • image/svg+xml Intellectual Property
  • image/svg+xml Missing Persons
  • image/svg+xml Personal Injury
  • image/svg+xml Substance Abuse
  • image/svg+xml Wrongful Imprisonment
  • image/svg+xml Adultery - Infidelity
  • image/svg+xml Background Checks
  • image/svg+xml Corporate Fraud
  • image/svg+xml Digital Forensics
  • image/svg+xml GPS Surveillance
  • image/svg+xml Equal Opportunity
  • image/svg+xml Inheritance Investigations
  • image/svg+xml Local Lost Persons
  • image/svg+xml Pet Locate Investigations
  • image/svg+xml Sexual Harassment
  • image/svg+xml Social Media (OSINT)
  • image/svg+xml Youth Investigations
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