Our Team

At Mayhem Solutions Group, we are proud of our team of experts who work hard behind the scenes to deliver premium security solutions and services to our clients across the United States. With decades of experience in international security and a proven track record providing protection services for Corporate clients, celebrities, Government officials and high profile individuals, Mayhem Solutions Group is ideally placed to manage your ongoing security requirements. Learn more about our team below.

  • Shawn Wilson

    CEO & Founder

    Shawn Wilson has a proven track record in supervising successful protection operations worldwide, with over 29 years experience in the Global Security community. His multi-layered skillset derives from his time in the United States Army as a soldier, Law Enforcement as a Police Officer, Public Safety as a Firefighter/Medic and his time in Corporate and Private Security. During his career. He has exhibited superior leadership and management skills by providing protection, security and threat assessments for numerous Government officials, Diplomats, celebrities, high net worth persons and families, and foreign dignitaries. Shawn’s objective is to provide a level of professionalism that is conveyed through his operational abilities but also respond effectively to every nuance of interaction with civilian,military, and law enforcement personnel alike. In doing so, he can blend and integrate in every arena and thoroughly complete every assignment with which he has been entrusted. As the founder and CEO of Mayhem Solutions Group, he has designed and implemented the same standards in his staff, surrounding himself with highly skilled and experienced personnel who are eager to join in his vision. He has thus been successful in upholding core values of Integrity, Reliability, and Accountability.

  • Daniel Langlois

    Chief Operating Officer

    Daniel Langlois is a seasoned international security professional, with over 28 years experience providing global intelligence and security services to Top 100 companies worldwide, and working directly with intelligence agencies backed by the US Department of State, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to provide expertise in strategic security planning, risk consulting and intelligence program integration development. Prior to joining MSG LLC, Daniel completed 23 years in the United States Marine Corps as a Weapons & Tactics Officer (Marine Gunner), and accepted a role as Regional Director for G4S Corporate Risk Services providing international business support expertise in risk consulting, crisis management, insider threat intelligence, counter-espionage, Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) investigations and Enterprise Risk Security Management (ERSM).

  • Anthony Dominguez

    VP. Global Risk Solutions

    Anthony Dominguez is a seasoned leader with more than 20+ years of experience in risk management & security, project management, operations, and leadership. Throughout his career, he’s successfully led high performing teams both domestically and internationally, solving complex problems. Having worked cross culturally, his approach to business is relationship-based as he understands people are the center of business. As VP of our Global Risk Solutions Division, Anthony brings his effective leadership, business acumen, and communication skills to bring solutions and drive success.

  • Edwin Ligorria

    Director Global Risk Solutions

    Edwin Ligorria is an experienced bi-lingual Project / Program and Department Manager with a proven history of leading international and integrated teams. He is knowledgeable in logistics, sales, foreign military, sales, and senior-level advisement. His strategies include solving complex issues, using critical thinking, and collaborative tools to deliver the most reliable solutions.

  • Tim Forkeotes

    Director of Intelligence

    Tim Forkeotes is an intelligence professional with more than 20 years of experience in leadership and accomplishment working in multiple intelligence disciplines. Throughout his career, he has successfully led several multi-discipline intelligence teams in the United States and abroad. Having worked in the information operations domain, he has the keen ability to remove bias and think critically when directing and managing research and intelligence requirements. As our Director of Intelligence, Tim brings unrelenting drive, a positive attitude, and effective problem solving in accomplishing complex intelligence problems.

  • Kenny Thomas

    Senior Vice President of Operations

Our Services

Protective Services

No matter where, when or how severe the situation may be, MSG has the know-how and the global resources to maximize protection of all your assets.

Who we work with

  • U.S. DHS
  • Alice Training Institute
  • OSAC
  • IFPO Member
  • ASIS Intl Member
  • USA PI Member
  • Infragard
  • Veteran & Prior L.E. Employed
  • Newsmax

I have worked for Mayhem Solutions Group in the past. Their leadership and business skills are next to none. If you are looking for professionals, then Mayhem Solutions Group can provide you the best!

Mayhem Solutions Group is amazing. I called out of fear in a very serious situation. I had no money and their team has been amazing and flexible, caring first about me and my children’s safety. Mayhem Solutions Group held its promise and even educated me on things to do to keep me safe. Their team still checks up on me. I even had to call at the drop of a hat because I needed security and Mayhem Solutions Group was there in 15 minutes. Thank you for your amazing work and support!