Office of Mayhem Solutions Group, LLC.

Founded in 2016, Mayhem Solutions Group, LLC. provides security, investigations, as well as a wide variety of intelligence solutions to corporate and small businesses.

Shawn C. Wilson the President and COO of Mayhem Solutions Group, LLC. has been working in the security industry for over 30 years and has professional experiences many may never see working in the industry. Shawn has also seen many careers such as military, law enforcement and diplomatic protection. Shawn works closely with local Law Enforcement in his own town to detect and deter many narcotics and smuggling operations. His pride and professionalism is above the industry standard and many look to him for guidance.

Tyler Rodgers the VP and Co-Founder of Mayhem Solutions Group, LLC. has been in the Security and Private Investigative field for over 5 years. Prior to Mayhem Solutions Group, LLC. Tyler was active duty Navy rated as an MA (Master-At-Arms). After visiting Washington, Japan, Guam, Bahrain and Virginia; Tyler had decided he had wanted to lay his homestead in the great state of Arizona. Tyler has experience in Government Law Enforcement, Government Protection and Private Investigations.

Mayhem Solutions Group’s team is currently comprised of more than 60 employees as well as other on-call agents. Being a diverse operation, with many different backgrounds, Mayhem Solutions Group is able to liaise with many different organizations in times of crisis. With the knowledge and expertise of staff, and excellence while in the field, Mayhem Solutions Group will be able to flourish for many years to come.

If you are seeking additional information on behalf of Mayhem Solutions Group, or would like a consultation involving one of our services; feel free to contact us at 1-866-7MAYHEM or contact Shawn or Tyler via e-mail.

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