Missing Persons Investigator

The countdown to finding a missing person begins the moment someone contacts one of Mayhem Solutions Group’s private investigators.

As soon as our team of missing person investigators gets a call reporting that someone is missing, we begin evaluating the case. Once the subject is confirmed to be missing, our private investigators spring into action, setting up command posts, assigning agents to work leads and organizing all of the information gathered as part of the investigation. We understand that these are very sensitive situations, so the sooner you can contact a Mayhem Solutions Group missing person investigator, the sooner our team can get on the case.

missing person investigator

Types of Missing Person Investigations

There are many reasons that someone may disappear. Our team is trained in identifying missing persons for cases such as:

Starting a Missing Persons Investigation

A common misconception is that a person must be absent for at least 24 hours before being legally classed as missing, but this is rarely the case. Mayhem Solutions Group stress that a missing person case should be reported as early as possible. It’s critical that you report a person missing quickly, so that the investigation can get a head start.

The investigator will likely request that someone from the family volunteer to be a liaison or spokesperson for the family to deal with our team. This simplifies the relationship between our investigators and the family. Our missing person investigators will update one person with respect to the investigation and will know who to contact when information is needed from the family. Talk with your family and close friends about who will be your family’s contact person with the investigation team. If the members of your family are feeling overwhelmed you may decide that a close friend should be the contact person.

If you know someone who is missing or have a lead on someone who could might be a missing person, contact Mayhem Solutions Group right away.

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