Local Investigator Arkansas

Local Investigator Arkansas

Local Investigations Company Serving Arkansas

Mayhem Solutions Group’s network of experienced local Investigators delivers discrete investigative services with outstanding results. Whether you are looking to provide yourself with closure, acquire justice, or just for your own peace of mind, our network is equipped to help.

The Leading Local Investigator Firm in Arkansas

Mayhem Solutions Group partners with leading local investigator firms in Arkansas, dedicated to providing individuals and businesses with the information and investigative services they require. Investigation services and techniques are more dependent on technology than ever before. By integrating advanced skill sets in photography, information technology and local investigation, we are able to provide our clients with specialized services resulting in high quality investigative solutions.

Local Investigators in Arkansas

When you need to know the truth, trust your investigation to our network of licensed, professional local investigators in Arkansas. Throughout our decades of professional experience, we have assisted individuals, businesses and legal teams with a wide variety of investigations including:

  • Infidelity investigations
  • Background checks
  • Cyber security threats
  • Corporate investigations
  • Surveillance

We are also able to facilitate legal support for cases going to trial, such as the location of persons, expert witness testimony, interviews and statements, false claim and qui tam investigations.

Sharing Information With Your Arkansas Local Investigator

Once you have hired a local investigator in Arkansas, your entire relationship is based upon an exchange of information. This is by no means a one-way street – this means it is vital that you share as much information about the subject of your investigation with your local investigator as you can. Withholding important information often has a serious adverse effect on the outcome of your investigation. You owe it to yourself to provide your local investigator with all the information thereby giving them the opportunity to effectively maximize their investigative efforts.

How Much Do Local Investigators in Arkansas Cost?

Local investigator rates differ depending on the location of the client, the difficulty of the investigation, and whether or not the client’s case will require a second local investigator.

The price range for these services in Arkansas varies, and so we recommend you complete a consultation with Mayhem Solutions Group to receive your bespoke quotation.

Getting Started With Your Arkansas Local Investigator

Getting started with your local investigator couldn’t be simpler. Begin your investigation with just four quick steps:

  1. Complete a Consultation
    Submit your case online or speak to one of our local investigation experts via telephone. Your case manager will help you understand how a local investigator can help you to reach your desired outcome, and will provide you with an indication of cost.
  2. Connect With Your Local Investigator
    After a local investigator has taken your case, they will reach out to you to discuss your specific requirements and goals. You should be prepared to answer questions and provide information.
  3. Investigation in Progress
    Once approved by you, your local investigator will begin the investigation process. You will receive a service agreement outlining the work to be provided to you.
  4. Case Updates and Final Report
    Your local investigator will keep you up to date with any and all important developments throughout the duration of your investigation, and will provide you with a final written report at the conclusion of the investigation. In addition, your local investigator may be able to testify in court if necessary and agreed upon at the beginning of the investigation. All communications between yourself and your local investigator remain strictly confidential.

How Do I Hire a Local Investigator in Arkansas?

Mayhem Solutions Group is able to service your needs locally. Our network of highly skilled local investigators are leading the industry in innovative ideas to solve real questions and provide real services, in real time.

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