The state of Arkansas requires two consecutive years of experience working as a private investigator in order to obtain your private investigative license. Additionally, there is a state board exam for Private Investigators and a background check requirement. The most common way to gain experience is to work as an apprentice.

Local Arkansas private investigators have reciprocity agreements with the surrounding states of Tennessee, Louisiana and Oklahoma. The law requires for reciprocity to be valid, the license must be current and the investigator must have been licensed for two years.

Private Investigators of Arkansas

Mayhem Solutions Group’s team of professional investigators in Arkansas is one of the most trusted and resourceful in the industry. Investigators used by Mayhem Solutions Group are primarily retired Law Enforcement and Military professionals. At Mayhem we understand the importance of choosing the right investigator for the task, and we advise you to take advantage of your free consultation to make sure you are making the right decision. Our team of highly trained investigators are surely to answer any questions you may have.

Investigators in Arkansas

Mayhem Solutions Group’s staff is at the ready to assist Clientele with the most up-to-date intelligence gathering tools in the industry. Our trained agents utilize tools and surveillance techniques to provide you with the most accurate information from the field. Our report that is furnished to you upon completion will provide you with an accurate timeline of events to include photography of subjects, residences, or other items that may be relevant or important to the check or investigation.

Background Checks in Arkansas

Background checks are the most sought after investigation type in the industry, behind surveillance. A background can provide you with much more information that your typical google search. Background checks may consist of intelligence gathering such as OSINT, private databases only available to private investigators and information obtained in an ever-changing industry. Whether your background check is national or international, Mayhem Solutions Group has you covered.

Here’s how the process works:

1. Request a Free Consultation:

Submit your case online or via phone to talk to one of our expert private investigators. Your detective will help you understand if and how a private investigator can achieve your desired outcome, and the likely cost of your case.

2. Connect With Your Private Investigator:

After a private investigator has taken your case, they will reach out to you to discuss your specific case details and goals. You should be prepared to answer questions.

3. Investigation in Progress:

Once approved by you, your private detective will begin the investigation. You will receive a services agreement outlining the work to be provided to you and a retainer will be provided to Mayhem.

4. Case Updates & Final Report:

Your private investigator will keep you informed of any and all important developments throughout the course of your investigation, and provide you with a final written report summarizing all findings at the conclusion of the investigation.

In addition, your private investigator may be available to testify in court if necessary and agreed upon at the beginning of the investigation.

Privacy and discretion is a top priority and therefore all communications between clients and investigators will be kept in strict confidence.

Along with providing a single point of contact, only Mayhem Solutions Group has the capabilities to offer peace of mind and professional excellence.

Local Investigators in Your Area

Mayhem Solutions Group is able to service your needs locally, by having strategic partnerships with agents locally in the United States and Internationally. Our web of Investigators are leading the industry in innovative ideas to solve real questions, provide real services, in real time.

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