International Investigations

When we think of Private Investigations, we may think of only one Subject, or merely a person place or thing instead of a variety of many different moving pieces. An Investigation may lead you to another country, different people, or tell you a completely different story. Many Clients will google an Investigator online and turn to the first available option without knowing if the company is reputable. Do your homework, ask them questions about the area you are seeking services. Has your Investigator traveled abroad? Do they know the areas you wish serviced? Do they provide reports timely? Do they update you along the way (which may or may not be a good idea)? Do they communicate critical information? Are they price gouging you and are you getting your worth? These are all questions that are OK to ask! The typical Client will only ever need a Private Investigator once in their lifetime, so make the wise choice in choosing one you are COMFORTABLE with.

International Investigations and reach are important. If an Investigation for example starts in LAX (Los Angeles Intl Airport) and ends on the Island of Bali; your Investigator should have the proper resources to assist you. For example, if your case involves infidelity (cheating spouse) and your spouse is planning a trip to (in this example) Bali, having an Investigator in LA and Bali would not only be cost efficient, but important due to both agents knowing the lay of their own land. A Investigator from LA may also not blend in as well as a local from Bali either. Planning quickly, efficiently, and EFFECTIVELY are VERY important.

It is always a good idea to understand current events in areas you wish to have a Investigator conduct work for you as well. If you are seeking work where a natural disaster may have struck, there may be lag in reporting or the Investigation may take considerably longer than usual. A most current event being COVID-19 (coronavirus) is delaying travel, and many day to day operations in various places. Italy has called for a state of emergency, and has advised locals to remain indoors. Although the threat of tthe virus may not necessarily be that extreme, it still may impact your case personally.

one-stop-shop. Sometimes good, sometimes bad. In my case, being a transparent Investigator, I’d hire me. A plus for this would be the language barrier. Understanding someone from a different country may be frustrating to say the least in a stressful time. Anxiety will get a Client every time. Being able to relay concise information is paramount in any Investigation. Remember, peace of mind is worth its weight in gold.

In the event you are seeking an International PI, feel free to contact us. Our staff is at the ready to assist you professionally, as we tailor each Investigation to each Clients needs.

(Photo taken by the Author at the Gates of Heaven in Bali)