Hiring Event Security

Birthdays, Weddings, Reunions and many other types of events may require you to rent an unfamiliar space to house a large crowd.

Event security requires proper planning to ensure that the event runs smoothly. Private Security and Valet should be smooth and seamless, and should have a positive impact on the event in whole. Private Security agents should blend in, letting the crowd mingle without impeding on the event. Keep in mind that the more people that attend the event, the more guards will be required. Depending on the location, type of event, crime rate, etc., we recommend 1 agent per 50 persons. State laws and recommendations may vary and be more lax on regulations, but we prefer to extend safety precautions. When alcohol is in play, things can change rather quickly and without warning.

Business owners may host holiday events for employees, or promotional events. Since 2006, there have been 12 deaths and 117 injuries directly related to black Friday sales. While the numbers appear to be small, the number should be zero. Minimizing this risk should be paramount to companies expecting crowds and spikes in sales. Expecting the amount of people to show up should be a part of the planning phase. Controlling the crowd and asking them to keep exits clear, is important in the event of emergencies or EMT response.

Always look for security providers with a proven track record in event security. After all, you are trusting them to keep people and property safe from harm. A quality and experienced service provider should be able to provide you with a list of events they have been involved with before, and when it comes to budget, don’t be afraid to pay a little more for trusted expertise – a poor security service will end up costing you more than just money in the long run (injury, damage, loss of property and reputation, not to mention the headache).

Do You Really Need Private Security?

The answer is up to the Client. Having security in place can be both functional and beneficial, but its value is based on on the size, location and scale of the event.

Reasons Why You Should Hire Event Security!

  • Prevention of uninvited guests
  • Guest Safety
  • Crowd Control
  • Venue requirements with alcoholic beverages
  • Escorts to vehicles
  • Crime or accident handling
  • Deter crime, diffuse situations

From personal protection, event security to security consulting, Mayhem Solutions Group is your go to in the Security Industry world. We look forward to providing you with the security you need to improve the chances of a successful event. Feel free to contact us via email or phone for a consultation today.